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Support Staff Training Programme

Elston Hall Learning Trust is pleased to offer this programme to Support Staff in their role as Higher Level Teaching Assistant or Teaching Assistant.

We offer a range of evidence-based professional development opportunities for school support staff, extending our strong learning culture to schools we work with.

This programme will take the individual through a series of Modules that build on the already acquired skills of everyday classroom practice. The Modules have been designed to respond to the needs of support staff and provide them with effective strategies which they can implement into their classroom practice.

Additional to this programme, we offer bespoke support to enable participants to have training tailored to their school and individual priorities.

The programme will be led by experienced professionals and will be delivered to the group of individuals collaboratively. The opportunity to engage in and experience different school contexts to broaden experience will be a key aspect of the programme.

Target Audience
This programme is suited for Higher Level Teaching Assistants, Teaching Assistants or for individuals who are seeking for further professional development in effective practice within the classroom.

Elston Hall Learning Trust Contact details:

Main Contact: Rebecca Wood

Head of Partnerships for Learning

Elston Hall Learning Trust


Sarah Mallon - Executive PA

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